DS Meditation ‘Towards the joy’ is rooted from the same source as meditation, ‘Into vibration with chi energy (qi)’, but one`s direction is to open the joy, the other`s – to enter into resonance with chi energy or vital energy.

Meditation ‘Towards the joy’ is focused on the opening joy vibration.


Often, for whatever reason we mourn or rejoice:

a friend left – we cry on the pillow,

a car was broken – angrily kick the tire,

a child came back from school in clean clothes – we are happy and excited.

However, it`s emotions caused by some reasons that make us sad or cheerful.

Can we cause emotions, change moods without reasons? Well, sometimes it happens when we do not even understand why suddenly we became sad, angry, indifferent, experience joy or inspiration.

Is it possible consciously to cause mood and especially the joy or happiness?

With a help of certain movements and frame of mind or being more precise without or out of the frame of mind or just dissolving frame of mind  – it can be done.

Dynamic Static Meditation ‘Going towards the joy’ – is designed to activate joy, delight or happiness with a help of body motions.

Practitioner relaxes mind and body, an unnecessary emotional burden is taken away and suddenly, like ” on the flat spot” – arises joy. It is inner joy or happiness not external. It is the spontaneous happiness which happens not because of this or that, but – happiness or joy, which appears as out of nowhere. In fact, the joy happens as the negative emotions leave the person. Joy is not created – it looks like or becomes quite obvious – joy and happiness are the natural states of human being – like the white piece of paper where and when every and all words, pictures, sounds and etc. were deleted or when white and bright colours become more than dark shades.

Dynamic Static Meditation is not intended to diagnose or treat diseases or disorders. It is recommended to see your GP for any physical or psychological ailment you may have. Provided information is recreational and cognitive, and is author's personal experience. Results of Dynamic Static Meditation which can be achieved depend solely on efforts of the practitioner.