There is the starting point in the relaxed body and mind where wish and idea occur – to come into vibration with nature and to play with natural abilities to be aware, feel and direct vibrations to the desired place or certain direction…


It starts and keeps energy levels growing as the wind keeps a fire burning. It creates energy and the flow of energy can start…


It enables space and forms as like flames of fire can soar. Certain body movements or positions relax the muscles, tendons, joints opening and freeing the way for energy to flow…

Humans have a wide variety of abilities.

Sensation and control of vital energy, known as chi, qi, prana or subtle energy are one of those human abilities about which some people know almost nothing, some heard only hints or rumors.

Some people are interested in subtle energies and more or less mastered these forces of nature.

How to uncover the ability to manage your chi (qi) or subtle energy?

Is this a mystique? Probably not when is used Dynamic Static Meditation. It is – the desire to feel the energy + certain way of breathing + certain movements.


The aim and the result of the meditative exercises are:

  • to go in tune with the vital energy or chi,
  • creation of or resonance with the flow of subtle energy
  • the sensation of subtle energy in the body and directing to the desired location of the body.

Routine of practice is:

  • how to relax your body that chi energy starts to flow,
  • how to breathe and move the body as to feel the subtle energy flowing,
  • and how we can consciously direct it in the desired direction or to the desired part of the body.

What are chi energy`s awareness and ability to feel and control benefits? First of all – the practitioner realises he/she can influence or control his body and the processes occurring in the body.

Perhaps the man becomes  the Man, but this is only speculation and conjecture but facts are at least three:

The first fact, which actually can be experienced – the idea and the desire put together can lead to chi or vital energy`s pulse occurrence.

The second fact, which actually can be experienced – physical sensation of chi, prana, subtle energy (or otherwise it may be called) flow in the body.

The third fact, which actually can be experienced – chi or subtle energy flow in the body is subordinate practitioner`s thoughts. Chi energy flows where the „thought thinks.“

The method of creation, flow and control of chi or subtle energy is called Static Dynamic Meditation.

How to achieve what has described above?

  • The first thing there should be the wish to feel the subtle energies.
  • Then practitioner relaxes the body with gentle movements, sometimes it may be similar to tai chi movements, sometimes to yoga asanas or some chaotic shaking or physical exercises.
  • It is accompanied with special but quite simple breathing technics.
  • Clear your mind, let it go emotions.
  • It is like to empty glass and let inner energy come in.

What are the symptoms or features of subtle energy`s emergence?

Gradually as the body goes in relaxation, possibly open inner energy channels or something like this what helps to feel the flow of subtle energy. This is similar to the body shivers running through the body. The difference is that practitioner cause it consciously by himself/herself. This is similar to the body reactions when: watching an interesting movie, listening to your favourite music, reading a good book, or after any event, which one way or another „touches“ our emotions, feelings and moods. It is like something begins to vibrate or wave.

However, during classes, we realise that we consciously by ourselves awaken, went in tune or resonance with our own inner energies in our body. It is similar also when the joy or happiness causes subtle shivers or waves in the body. it is like the human consciousness rises to the state of excitement, exhilaration or happiness and waves of joy suffuse the body and resonate as pleasant sensations in the body.

Why is it necessary or useful to master your inner energies?

Learning initiate, feel and use subtle energy or chi energy, we can more easily accept and manage life situations. One can understand that such a thing as goosebumps of fear is human subtle energy`s (or endocrine systems) reaction to some event. The person does not participate in this event consciously and body systems „unconsciously“ responds to an external stimulus.

Body reaction chi or subtle energy`s flow from one part of the body to another can start unconsciously triggered by certain factors in the environment. The practitioner of DS Meditation can learn consciously to cause, feel and operate these body reactions. The reactions are the same, only different sources or causes – environment or YOU.

How to know if you already master your own subtle energies?

The goal and result of  Grade I are – to excite, to feel and to direct subtle energy or chi energy.

When practitioner can carry out every and all three steps:

  1. To start subtle energy in the body.
  2. To feel the energy in the desired area of the body.
  3. To direct subtle energy to the desired part of the body.

If the practitioner can ‘start-move-stop’ subtle energy in his/her body then abilities and skills of Grade I are mastered.

P.S. What does a person actually feels in the body? Perhaps one feels only the resonance of nature`s energies in the body. It could be it is like the ripples spread out when the pebble is dropped in the water. As a matter of fact, probably the only God knows or one-day scientific research will answer this question and therefore there is no point to argue. The point is that the body can feel what was initiated by the idea and the desire as a carrying wave, and it was activated and enhanced with a help of breathing and movement of the body.

The sensation of subtle energy`s excitation, flow and control is subjective, personal experience. That is only you experience it and are aware that you’re experiencing it. The truth is what truth is for you.

Dynamic Static Meditation is not intended to diagnose or treat diseases or disorders. It is recommended to see your GP for any physical or psychological ailment you may have. Provided information is recreational and cognitive, and is author's personal experience. Results of Dynamic Static Meditation which can be achieved depend solely on efforts of the practitioner.