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About Dynamic Static Meditation


If you are looking for:

how to go into vibration or resonance with nature,

how to wake up or start to feel the inner vibrations or chi in your body,

how to be aware and send inner vibrations or chi energy into certain parts of the body

and to get non-direct results or benefits as –

more beautiful body lines and shapes, better body balance and coordination, more flexible joints and stronger muscles;

and how to extend limits of your patience, to release emotions and to discover the inner joy and happiness – READ MORE…

Go into Vibration with Nature | Between Yoga and Taichi |

Do you have a flower or tree in your garden, chair or table in your room? Can you think, breathe, move your body? That is All you need to practice Dynamic Static Meditation (DSM) at your home.

There are many meditation techniques. Some of the meditation methods focus on the end result, the others pay attention to the meditation process. The question – what is more important – the process or goal, probably will never be answered. The answer probably is not even necessary. Everyone chooses what is interesting or necessary at the particular moment in time and space.

Are you interested in relaxation, creating and experiencing inner energies, vibrations, chi or however else you would like to call it?

There is video how to create energy with a help of Dynamic Static Meditation.

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What can you achieve with a Dynamic Static Meditation (DSM)?

  • To wake up the sensation of inner energy or chi in the body, to direct inner energy to the desired part or direction in your body.
  • To discover the inner joy or happiness.
  • And to get even Higher.

Basic Dynamic Static Meditations is – How to Come into Vibration. Meditation –Uncovering a joy is the variation of  Basic Dynamic Meditation only with a different goal or purpose. There is one more variation of Basic Meditation – „How to Get Even Higher”.

Additional meditations which are more or less included in Basic Meditations are:

„Inhalation of energy (prana)”,
„Connection with the above and below”,
„Straightening the left and the right”.

Dynamic Static Meditation „Taking energies from outside and giving it back” is the Advanced variation of Basic Meditation.

There is one more meditation which partially can be called Dynamic Static Meditation. There is used dynamic warm-up and relaxation in Meditation ” I see or I imagine’. There is some connection with yoga asanas or special body postures.

Each meditation has clearly perceived result. If it is a meditation „Going towards the joy” – the final result of meditation is joy, laughter. It is obvious when you have reached that. The result of meditation depends on your own efforts or non-efforts.

The achievement of results is different for every person and no guidelines can be presented.
Make Dynamic Static Meditation Practice part of your life! Practice Dynamic Static Meditation and explore yourself every day!

The unique, Dynamic Static Meditation (DSM) has evolved as a „complementary product” studying and practicing different self-improvement methods, spiritual practices.

DS Meditation involves relaxation, special breathing techniques, various body movements, static positions. It can free you from unnecessary thoughts, negative emotions and help experience – what always was yours but was forgotten – and discover more joy and happiness in life.

Where physical exercises, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation meet – you will find Dynamic Static Meditation.

I practice DSM since 1998 and you are invited to experience privileges and beauties of that unique style of meditation!

Dynamic Static Meditation is not intended to diagnose or treat diseases or disorders. It is recommended to see your GP for any physical or psychological ailment you may have. Provided information is recreational and cognitive, and is author's personal experience. Results of Dynamic Static Meditation which can be achieved depend solely on efforts of the practitioner.